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Weight loss, increased energy throughout your day, better cardiovascular health, new friends, improved personal record time (PR) and better fitting jeans are just some of the many benefits of joining an organized training group. Training alone can be difficult, so we recommend joining a group to get you started in training and sharing of tips, methods, goals and other motivational information that will help you focus on accomplishing your goal.


Run Plan
Are you looking for a customized running plan? A Run Plan from Life Time Run includes detailed workout types & descriptions, built around your goals & schedule. In addition you can combine this customized plan with the group training option for the best of both worlds.
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Run 1:1 Coaching
Whether you are just starting to run, or are training for your next PR, working with a 1:1 Life Time Run Coach provides all the instruction, accountability and motivation you need to reach your goals. Get all of this with the convenience of phone and email support, along with an online training plan delivered via
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